Simplicity is Key. That is why our site is designed as simple as possible so you can make important and informed decisions about your new website.

We are your one-stop-shop for getting your website created and online. We offer DESIGN, INSTALLATION, HOSTING, and OFF THE SHELF (and CUSTOM) APPLICATIONS. All sites are Content Managed (CMS), which means you can edit it directly yourself, or you can have us do it at a low fee.

     D E S I G N + B U I L D = G O   L I V E

DESIGN (STEP 1): There are three ways to get going on the design of your new website.
  • TEMPLATES: Click CMS templates, where you can browse existing designs and determine which is best for your business. They generally cost around $50 for a shared template (meaning other sites may have this template in use, so it won't be unique to your business), and ~ $2500 to retire existing templates (meaning only a few sites have this template - generally around 5 or so), and if your lucky then $3,500 for new templates (this is a unique design, and all yours for the purchasing, it will no longer be shared after you purchase it)..

  • CUSTOM: You can hire us to create unique design concepts with our RAPID DESIGN TOOL (RDT) - this will typically cost $150 per sample. Usually our customers are completely satisfied with their design after 1 or 2 samples. We can offer unique designs at this cost, since we use a rapid design tool to create these designs. Some restrictions may apply.

    Custom designs are best suited for clean, professional, classic business website designs. JoeXpert's site is an example of this type of design, as well as some of the "Live Samples" - please contact us for more information here.

  • FAR OUT: You can hire us to create UNIQUE mind blowing, crazy designs, with custom graphics and completely unique design concepts and layouts. Usually this costs $5,000 on up. Please browse a partial list of our FAR OUT samples. You will need to contact us for pricing on this.



After you've selected your DESIGN, then you need to give us the content that you want to put on your website.  Content is anything from words on a page, to images/photos and movies.  We create and configure the Content Management System (CMS) specifically for your site.  We take the content and publish it into the CMS.  

Once your site is built and running in at Content Management System (CMS). You give us the approval of the site and we GO LIVE.

You will be able to manage your own content in the CMS by logging in and editing the content directly (or we can do it for you, if you prefer).  Most other companies say you can edit your content, but they require you to know special software like Dreamweaver to edit the HTML and then FTP the files to a server - in our case the CMS does it all for you!   

Please contact us now, to get started.

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